Russia: Review "Nevskie Berega" Festival of Beauty 2016

Video Review from the WBA Contest in Russia, the traditional festival of beauty in St. Petersburg.

18-21 February 2016

A video blog from Alex Barendregt at the Nevskie Berega in St. Petersburg, Russia. Фестиваль красоты Невские Берега

In this competition, the organizer is giving out a winners prize, 2 second places and 3 third places.

Bodypainting - Open Category
1. Ekaterina Mihailina-Milovanova (Moscow, Russia)
2. Mariia Romanova (St. Petersburg, Russia)
2. Kristina Komarova (St. Petersburg, Russia)
3. Mariia Djigirina (Moscow, Russia)
3. Anna Egorova (Moscow, Russia)
3. Tatiana Vasilenko (Moscow, Russia)

Bodypainting – Classic Category
1. Alexandr Vasil’ev (Krivoi Rog, Ukraine)
2. Anna Boychak (Moscow, Russia)
2. Anna Zirinya (Riga, Latvia)
3. Alexandra Pavluk (St. Petersburg, Russia)
3. Irina Limarenko (St. Petersburg, Russia)
3. Ekaterina Oppengeim (St. Petersburg, Russia)


Nevskie Berega



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