PICTURE OF PEACE, a Social Body Art Project by Dennis Fixman

The World Bodypainting Association got noted about this beautiful project, so we are very happy to share it on our channel.

It's a very thoughtful project that Dennis Fixman and his team from Belarus created for the International Children’s Day. We love the way the message is communicated through the art of bodypainting. Thank you for your inspiration and dedication.

About the Project:

The project is dedicated to the International Children’s Day, which is annually celebrated on June 1st.
Children’s Day is not only a happy holiday for children on the first day of summer, but this day is also a reminder to society.
Despite the long list of modern local problems, peaceful future is the main one.

The project was implemented in “White star studio” with the participation of a dance group “Raznyye Litsa”, pupils of children’s studio fashion “MademoiselleAdr`i” and the creative team. It was a performance that combines body art, choreography and drawings created by children.

The project touches on the problems in which helpless and innocent children are somehow involved .These problems are conflicts, wars, world “without soul”. The image of asphalt became a symbol of numbness and bafflement within this project. But problems can be solved, our children can leave vivid emotions, create a new world, give joy and hope on this grey plane of past.






Creative director & Body art: Dennis Fixman
Photo: Yuliya Efimik
Video Production: Vitali Yaronski
Dance group: “Raznyye Litsa”
Model agency: “Mademoiselle Adr`i”
Producer: Ninel Arakelyan
Make-up: Anna Chtchyan
Hairstyle: Olga Trukhan




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20 October 2019


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