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A Rose for Venice

Blog by Alex Barendregt: "So, there it is - A Rose for Venice, captured by national media in Italy, and as I was on site, captured also from my side. But let me tell you first. So we have been celebrating bodypainting and installation artist Elena and Mattia's wedding the day before and the weather forecast didn't look good, in fact, on the day of this amazing art project the weather was shit as hell. I didn't expect that this can even happen. Packed with our gear, soaked wet from head to toe, Anna and I got finally to the square San Marco.
Rain was pouring, hundreds of volunteers waiting under the arches but still very optimistic that Elena can pull it off.
Check it out, turn up the volume to get the mood.

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Beauty Design Exhibition in Seoul with WBF Content

The Korean Make-up Artist Association, KMAA is presenting a beauty exhibition in the prestigious Seoul City Hall in South Korea. The exhibition shows works from the beauty and bodypainting Industry with some Korean artists and many images from the past World Bodypainting Festival. Chairman of the WBA and Director of the World Bodypainting Festival Alex Barendregt has opend the exhibition last weekend, February 12th, 2023 with the KMAA President Yuri Kim as well as co-orgainzer Park Jung Min.

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Painting Jam Session, Italy

Last weekend there was a big Italian Get together of artists in the town San Pietro in Casale near Bologna. The painting jam session was organized by artist Piera di Maio, she did an amazing job to gather allthis wonderful talents. Piera invited the WBA Chairman Alex Barendregt with Artist Manager Anna as a special surprize for the jam session participants and we were very warm welcomed. On that day we have seen 30 artists and models. Together with a hand full of great photographers they captured some world class artworks and after an exhausting and exciting day, everyone sat together for dinner, drinks and fun talks with a lot of laughter. We were honoured and happy to be a part of such an amazing group and enjoy talks about the stunning art they all created as well as about the future Championship at the WBF 2023. Thank you very much for the wonderful day! 

Dear Members, if you have activities like this, please let us know and we will feature a story on that here as well.

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France: French Awards 2022 - Results 2022

The French Bodypainting Awards 2022 organized by WB Production took place after a 2 years break last weekend on 14th - 16th May in Paris as part of the 51st Congrès International Esthétiques Spa. For the first time, there was also a 3rd category, Creative Make-up. For many artist, as well as for us as organisation team, it was the first big LIVE event since the outbreak of the pandemic.

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