Winners of the WBA Image Awards 2016

The mission of the awards sponsored by Diamond FX is to promote the power of imagination and self-expression through awarding (Bodypainters) and recognizing models and photographers worldwide in the discipline and image creation of traditional and non-traditional bodypainting


The goal is to give artists a platform and opportunity to create freely, images that are expressive, imaginative, explosive and unique without restriction or limitations.

This years IMAGE Awards sponsored by Diamond FX, was a great success. A total of 120 images were submitted to the competition to be judged. Judging was based on a number scale from 1-10 in (Use of bodypainting technique and style, Use of imagination & Overall composition).

Judging was made possible by:

  • David Gilmore - Bodypainter - USA
  • Johannes Stoetter - World Awarded Bodypainter - Italy
  • Yulia Saitova - Chief Editor - Cherry Magazine - Russia
  • Mary Gololobova - Photographer and Graphic Designer - Czech Republic

The winning images were announced Sunday August 14th on the main stage at the European Bodypainting Festival in the Keukenhof Lisse, Netherlands.
Each wining artist received a gift bag and 250€ from Diamond FX.

Here are the 2016 IMAGE Award winners and their IMAGES.

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All images in the Gallery 2016



Title "L'Amour Electric"
Artist: Yvonne Zonnenberg (Netherlands)
Photographer: Monique Crandel (Netherlands)
Model: Lee Frost (UK) & Astrid Hughes (Netherlands)
WBA Awards Artistic 009 Yvonne Zonnenberg LAmour Electric


Title "Santa Monica Pier"
Artist: Trina Merry (USA)
Photographer: Trina Merry (USA)
Model: Felicia Day (USA)
WBA Awards Commercial 012 Trina Merry Santa Monica Pier


Title "Jelly Fish"
Artist: Yiulia Vlasova (Russia)
Photographer: Andrei Kezzin (Russia)
Model: Vitalia Abramova (Russia)
WBA Award Fashion 030 Yulia Vlasova Jelly Fish


The WB-Association would like to give a SPECIAL THANKS to all the artist, judges and sponsor that participated in this years IMAGE Awards competition.


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