Russia: Review "Nevskie Berega" Festival of Beauty, September 2017

Review from the WBA Contest in Russia, the traditional festival of beauty in St. Petersburg.

23rd September 2017

The Nevskie Berega in St. Petersburg, Russia is one of the most important competitions for professionals of the beauty industry. More than two thousand five hundred people from all over the world attended the competition. The participants made a stunning work under the themes
“The Comic Book World” and “The World through Children's Eyes”.

The winners in the following categories are:

“The Comic Book World”
1. Daniela Danilova (The Republic of Moldova);
2. Ekaterina Solodkova (Russia);
3. Evgeniya Kuleshova (Russia).

“The World through Children's Eyes”
1. Lors Tulchinski (Israel);
2. Anna Egorova (Russia);
3. Taisia Rebrova (Russia).

We thank all the participants and congratulate the winners!


Nevskie Berega



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